4L Water Distiller Stainless Steel Alcohol Purifier Filter

Here comes our new Distilled Water Alcohol Machine, which is used to effectively remove most impurities in tap water. Through the process of heating, evaporation and condensation, it can separate pure and fresh water from contaminants. With high efficiency, it takes only about 4 fours to make 4L distilled water ( slight changes may occur due to different temperature and barometric pressure). What's more, it features simple operation and small energy consumption. With this high quality machine, you will have a reliable source of high quality distilled water.

Application of Distilled Water

Distilled water is widely used in daily life, medicine, chemical experiment and so on.

Cooking and making tea:rice, tea and coffee made with distilled water is more fresh and delicious, and it may keep the original flavor of tea and coffee.

Beauty secret:distilled water has beauty effect, washing your face with distilled water and applying it on your skin, your skin may be more moist and clean.

Contact lens care:distilled water can be used to clean and maintain your cantact lens.

Machine and equipment:the application of distilled water can ensure the stability and prolong the working life of electric appliances and machines.

Chemical experiment:diluting solution, scientific experiment, bio-pharmaceutical.

Clinic and hospital:cleaning up the wound and effectively avoiding secondary infection.


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Mophorn Countertop Water Distiller 4L Pure Water Distilltion 750W Distillted Purifier Filter with Handle

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